[Moin-user] new user - installation problems (with long test output)

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Jul 31 08:15:40 EDT 2006

> ERROR: testSyntaxReference (MoinMoin._tests.test_formatter.FormatterTestCase)
> ERROR: testBasicPackageThings (MoinMoin._tests.test_packages.UnsafePackageTestcase)
> FAILED (errors=2)
This is normal and can be ignored, see tests/make_test.out.
> BTW, it takes really long to get the page - 8.7s. Is this normal?
Yes, the tests take a while to run.
> Furthermore, I get the expected wiki page with -
> this too lasts very long.
Define "very long".

There are several things related:
a) CGI is slow, because it has to load python and all modules on every 
b) The first time you do some stuff needing the pagelink cache, it will 
be completely rebuilt. Once it is rebuilt, it will be faster with that 
c) Same stuff for some other caches.
> The second problem is a call to
> This yields:
> ---
> Forbidden
> You don't have permission to access /wiki/moin.cgi/ on this server.
Remove or edit the index.html there.
> One last note - the installation tutorial is quite fine. One hint that could be added
> to the pythontest.cgi comments is to check the $PATH that the apache server is running
> with - in my case /usr/local/bin wasn't included in the PATH= line in /etc/init.d/apache.
You can do that yourself, read MoinMoin:EditingOnMoinMaster. :)

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