[Moin-user] Timestamps messed up.

MacDermid, Kenny kmacdermid at ncipher.com
Thu Mar 2 05:57:09 EST 2006

Hello all,
I've inherited a wiki here at work, and I'm having a little trouble
since updating python. It seems somewhere along the way the timestamps
in the edit-logs changed to large values. These values return:
"timestamp out of range for platform time_t" when datetime.py processes
them. In python 2.3 they just returned 1970, which at least didn't show
this problem.
I'll give you an example of an edit-log that messes it up:
1125432258000000        00000001        SAVE    HelpForBeginners
                        missing edit-log entry for this revision
1039615587000000053248  00000002        SAVE    HelpForBeginners   ZZZ 1038866826.1.2296
1040133859000000053248  00000003        SAVE    HelpForBeginners    ZZZ    1040133859.17.2124
1040134249999999959040  00000004        SAVE    HelpForBeginners    ZZZ    1040134250.31.1952

The call stack for the error is:
request.py in run (self=<MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI object>) line 1105
Page.py in send_page line 1178
Wikiutil.py in send_title 
Page.py in lastEditInfo (line 464)
user.py in getFormattedDateTime (line 563)
user.py in getTime (line 541)
datetime.py in tmtuple (line 22)

Anyone have any suggestions?



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