[Moin-user] Timestamps messed up.

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Mar 2 09:54:48 EST 2006

> I've inherited a wiki here at work, and I'm having a little trouble
> since updating python. It seems somewhere along the way the timestamps
> in the edit-logs changed to large values.

Old moin versions (< 1.3) used seconds since 1970 timestamps (they used 
it even for revisioning, asking for trouble, esp. on win32).

Newer moins (>= 1.3) use microseconds since 1970 (and they use 1,2,3,... 
for revisioning).

> 1039615587000000053248  00000002        SAVE    HelpForBeginners
>   ZZZ 1038866826.1.2296

This looks somewhat strange.

> The call stack for the error is:

Please file a bug report (and please include full traceback html and 
full system details).

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