[Moin-user] Some questions about best way to set up Moin for both user-editable and user-noneditable pages?

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 2 14:48:04 EST 2006

We're finally close to getting our Moin site ready for public  
release. It will have both "official" pages (not editable by general  
users) and user-editable pages. In addition, users will be able to  
create their own pages.

Obviously, there are two ways to set this up. I can make pages  
editable by default, and then lock down the official pages, or lock  
pages by default, and then enable user editing on specific pages. I'd  
prefer the latter, but am concerned about settings for pages created  
by users; will they be automatically user editable and (more  
importantly) is there a mechanism to prevent users from inadvertently  
(or intentionally) locking them into a state where they are not  
editable by users?

I know I could experiment, but that would unfortunately never give me  
a definitive answer, just one I would hope would be correct :-).


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