[Moin-user] Images and Tables

Andre Meyer meyer at acm.org
Mon Mar 6 07:37:02 EST 2006

Dear Moin experts

After finally installing Moinmoin I now want to migrate my wiki from Zwiki
to Moinmoin. But I find a few difficulties with formatting: I want an
invisible table with images that link to external sites. How can this be
done Moinmoin?

Maybe have a look at what I have now in Zwiki (
http://python.openspace.nl/spyse/SpyseHome#logos) and what I managed to
produce in Moinmoin, so far (

I use the following:
||<tablewidth="100%" border="0" )> [
||<(> [http://www.decis.nl [
http://python.openspace.nl/spyse_moin/a_logoDecis_sm.jpg]] ||
||<-2:> Sponsored by [http://www.tno.nl/ TNO] and
[http://www.decis.nl/DECIS]. ||
||<-2:> [http://python.openspace.nl/spyse_moin/PythonPoweredAnim.gif] [
http://python.openspace.nl/spyse_moin/zope_powered.gif] [
http://python.openspace.nl/spyse_moin/opensource-75x65.png] [
http://python.openspace.nl/spyse_moin/sourceforge_whitebg.gif] ||

My questions are:
- How can images link to external addresses?
- How can a table (or any text, for that matter) be centered on the page?
- How can cells be valigned in the middle?
- How can a table border be set to 0?
- How can cellspacing be specified?

Thanks a lot
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