[Moin-user] User management

Robert Schumann robert at cantab.net
Thu Mar 9 03:09:06 EST 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 18:20 +0100, Thomas Waldmann wrote:
> > Does Moinmoin have a web-based user management interface?
> If you are in the superuser list, you get some "su - username" 
> capability in recent moin version (on UserPreferences page).
> > How can I see who is registered
> cd data/user
> grep ^name *

There's also the [[SystemAdmin]] macro, which is invisible to
non-superusers but which gives you a "File attachment browser" and a
"User account browser".

I'm thinking a "Group browser" might also be useful, but then I suppose
you can just do a TitleSearch....

> > and with what permissions
> The permissions are set in the config or on the pages.

I was at some stage thinking of writing an action to do precisely this:
choose a user, or a group, or one of the special groups "All" or
"Known", to view a page as.  It's annoying to have to logout to see what
an anonymous user sees - using the default theme and as the "All" user.

>  > make accounts for others
> Usually account are created in a do-it-yourself way.
> > and restrict the creation of new accounts, for example?
> You don't need to restrict that.
> Just use ACLs and some proper groups if you want to restrict access to 
> pages.

It appears to me that there is quite a high demand for turning off user
registration.  Perhaps this should be configurable?  Another option is
to include more prominently in the Help (if it's there at all) how to
turn off user registration using hacks - either editing UserPreferences,
or making the user directory unwriteable, or something like that?


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