[Moin-user] Moin 1.5.2 Macro Include problem

Hans-Joachim Ehlers HansJoachim.Ehlers at eumetsat.int
Thu Mar 9 10:40:01 EST 2006

Include Patch applied to MoinMoin 1.5.2
Now the editlink does not function anymore and a simple space will case
an errro message. 
Also added this to
Hopefully its ok that i created the page FooBar for testing on


= Editlink OK  =
{{{ [[Include(FooBar,"Can edit My Foo Bar page",editlink)]] }}}

= Editlink fail with  entry =
{{{ [[Include(FooBar,"can not edit my Foo Bar page",1,editlink)]] }}}
[[Include(FooBar," My FooBar Page",1,editlink)]]

= An error Message will occur if after an {{{"}}} is one or more space
{{{ }}} =
{{{[[Include(FooBar," Opps a simple space kills My FooBar Page"
[[Include(FooBar," Ops a simple space kills My FooBar Page" ,1)]]

 [[Include(fooBar, 'My Foo Bar',,)]]   <<<---- Space between ' and ,
will case error message
 [[Include(fooBar, 'My Foo Bar',,)]]


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