[Moin-user] Some questions about migrating from 1.3.4 on one server to 1.5.2 on a different server

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 9 20:41:02 EST 2006

Any pointers on the following would be most appreciated....

First, I've seen some references to "mig10" and "mig11" on the mailing
list regarding things that need to be done for such a change, but
haven't found anything on the current HelpOnInstalling page. Is there a
page on the moin website that talks about this?

Next, a few general questions. This will be a public documentation wiki.
I've developed the initial content, and that's what's going up on the
new wiki. There are a few "cleanup" things I'd like to do as part of the
migration process, and I was wondering if people could give me feedback
on what might cause problems.

1) Since I don't need the edit history anymore (I'll keep an archived
copy, just in case, of course), I'd like to reset the current pages
content so that everything is set to be the initial rev, with no edit
history. Is there a script to do this? If not, I can easily write one in
Python, but then are there things I need to worry about updating other
than the current revision file for each page, and eliminating old
revisions in the revs directory for each page? For example, will it
cause problems if I remove edit log files, or alternatively, don't
remove them? And can I remove any cache files, to make sure I get a
"clean start"?

2) I'm using a custom theme on my current wiki. Any special problems I
might run into when migrating it over?

3) This is sort of a followup question to one that was previously
answered by Thomas (thank you!). Our site will have both pages editable
by known users, and pages editable only be editorial users. The known
users will obviously not be able to change the access permissions on
pages. Now, if they create a new page, and I've set the site so the
_default_ page is not editable by standard known users, is there a way
of ensuring that pages they create will be set with the appropriate
permissions so that they can actually edit those pages? I have Moin
almost but not quite installed (next question), so I can't experiment
with this quite yet.

4) Finally, my RST (Real Stupid Question :-) ); how do I find the user
and group of the Apache process so that I can set permissions on the
moin install correctly. I'm superuser on my machine, so there's no
problem that way, I just don't know where to look! (It's been a _long_
time since I did real sysadmin on Unix, and in any case this is a Cobalt
server with which I have zero familiarity).


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