[Moin-user] Searching for backlinks taking very long...

Srinath Avadhanula srinathava at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 20:58:02 EST 2006

Hi Moin users and developers,

First of all, a big thanks for MoinMoin. I am really enjoying
documenting my research and everything else on a personal moinmoin

I have a couple of questions:

1. When I rename a page, is it possible to have MoinMoin also search
for references to the original page and replace the text there with
the new name. I used to use TWiki and it had this feature. It makes
refactoring pages much more easy.

2. It also looks like MoinMoin is very easy to extend and I would even
be willing to write a macro or something to do this. I would guess
that I would need to search for all pages which link to the page in
question. However, it looks like searching for 'link:MyTopic' takes
_very_ long (almost 10-15 seconds every time). I am wondering if this
is expected or there is something messed up in my installation. At the
same time, search merely for 'MyTopic' (even a full text search)
usually takes only 0.2 seconds or so.

Thank you,

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