[Moin-user] Advice on design of new Wiki site

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 02:12:07 EST 2006


Please forgive me if these answers should have been more obvious to me
from the information already available, but, can I ask some advice
about design?

I want to move a medium-sized website:


over to MoinMoin, to make it easier to ... well you know all that.

The website breaks up naturally into sections, and I wanted to make
that more obvious to the user, by having slightly different themes -
maybe even just colors - for the pages in each section.

As far as I can see, the most straightforward way of doing that is
simply to put each section into its own wiki, with its own theme.

Here's my question: is there another straightforward way to do this? 
If not, what is the usual method of linking pages across the wikis?

Lastly - I have a lot of HTML conversion to do.  I have started
playing with the text_html_text_x_moin.py routines in MoinMoin. 
Before I fall further into the hacking that I am doing now - is this
the right place to start?  Has anyone else tried to use these routines
for converting web pages?

Thanks a lot,


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