[Moin-user] JavaScript messes UTF-8 chars in edit link, edit misdirected under IE

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+moin at ijs.si
Wed Mar 15 06:56:01 EST 2006

Using moin-1.5.2 for an intranet site which makes heavy
use of page names (URL) with national characters.
This works fine under Firefox, and even works well
for reading under IE.

The problem happens when JavaScript (common.js) rewrites
a menu edit link of the page (other links in the menu are fine).

Here is an example, the page URL (stripping out a common prefix) is:

this produces an 8-bit mess in the browser bottom line
when mouse is hovering on the edit link:
(lousy transcript, it looks even uglier showing weird characters)

and clicking on the edit link results in the following
URL as seen by a web browser:

As you can see, the raw string of 8-bit UTF-8 characters
gets encoded again, forming an invalid (doubly encoded) URL.

Miraculously, this works fine under Firefox or Konqueror :)

For now a quick fix is to modify common.js, stipping out
most of the stuff, or to disable 'active scripting' in IE.
Is there a better fix for the mess?


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