[Moin-user] Multiline table delimiter

Hans-Joachim Ehlers HansJoachim.Ehlers at eumetsat.int
Wed Mar 15 07:09:14 EST 2006

Hi folks

I would like to have some data displayed side by side

a1	b1
a2	b2

The problem is:


||	 a	||	b	||
||	a1	||	b1	||
||	a2	||	b2	||


||	 a	||	b	||
||	a2	||	b1	||
||	a1	||	b2	||

looks simple but if the table entries are pretty long its more or less
a mess within the edit window if you would like just to swap 2 entries
or even going to resort a row
In this example a2 with a1 without messing around with b1/b2

If i am using just a table with two rows and using the [[BR]] as a line

|| a[[BR]] a1 [[BR]] a2 [[BR]]	||	b	||

its hard not to insert by accident a CR which will break the table
because of the line width gets pretty long 

So what i am looking for is something like a multline table delimiter

|| row1 
 Next Line 1
 Next Line 2

|| row2 

 Row2 Next Line 1
 Row2 Next Line 2


because this way i can easly change the contents of a row within the

Any hints ?

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