Subject: [Moin-user] Need help installing moin moin.

Hans-Joachim Ehlers HansJoachim.Ehlers at
Thu Mar 16 01:03:06 EST 2006

>From: "Reuben, Mallika" <ReubenM at>
>Subject: [Moin-user] Need help installing moin moin.

> No such file or directory: exec of
> '/usr/share/moin/HunWiki/cgi-bin/moin.cgi' failed
> Premature end of script headers: moin.cgi

Check that the bang line of the moin.cgi point to the correct python
interpreter meaning if the first line is something like:


then check if python is at that location or if the first line is 

#!/usr/bin/env python

then check that the path which will be provided by your webserver
environment is able to find python.

A simple test would be to replace the contents of moin.cgi with (
backup the file before of cource )
$ cat moin.cgi

end access moinmoin again from your favorite webbrower.
This way you will get the environment and you can check if the python
interpreter is within the path.
If not extend the path for apache or use a absolut path in the moin.cgi
for the python interpreter


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