[Moin-user] A Wiki Thesis

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Mon Mar 20 06:30:01 EST 2006

> Hi! We are two students who just started working on a thesis about 
> Wikiengines. We have a little problem with exactly what to write about. 

Yes, many people writing a thesis have that problem. <LOL>

> We have a few vague ideas, like comparing Engines, mabye the usability 
> from the normal wiki users standpoint, or building a comparison 
> framework.

See wikimatrix.org.

> Mabye we could compare markup languages to find the one that 
> a normal user finds simplest or the one that visualize formating best. 

Well, isn't that defined by the exact TOPIC of your thesis? Or are you 
just searching for the right TOPIC because it is not fixed yet?

> Any input are greatly apreciated.

Well, markup is maybe interesting because there is no common standard 
yet and each wiki engine is a bit different in markup. There have been 
tries to define some "standard markup", but there is nothing really 
going on yet.

So if you thesis should invent NEW stuff, maybe invent a new great 
markup that is easy, nice and makes everyone happy. <g>

If you are just out to review existing stuff, a well thought out 
"existing markup overview/comparison" that points out the strengths and 
weaknesses of some markup type would be also nice.

Be aware that you should be a long-term wiki user to successfully work 
on that markup topic. There are many markup styles and ideas out there, 
but not all of them are good ideas. But that might not be obvious at 
once, but only if you did it wrong yourself first. Sometimes less can be 

Maybe interwiki stuff is also interesting - how can different wikis work 
together somehow. Sharing / linking pages, users, maybe sharing 

You can also read through http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/ - there are 
lots of ideas what could be done or improved, maybe this gives you some 

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