[Moin-user] A Wiki Thesis

Eamon Nerbonne eamon at nerbonne.org
Mon Mar 20 06:46:07 EST 2006

What about completely removing the explicit markup step, and simply using
browser WYSIWYG HTML support instead?  With some XSLT filters, you can
easily reduce the html to a safe subset should a malicious user attempt to
submit nastiness... it also seems to me this would result in a very flexible
format that leverages XSLT instead of custom parsers
 (far simpler, and safer / more portable) and can do some real funky things
like generating pdf via xsl:fo+fop for instance...

--Eamon Nerbonne
On 3/20/06, greg whittier <greg at thewhittiers.com> wrote:
> > Be aware that you should be a long-term wiki user to successfully work
> > on that markup topic. There are many markup styles and ideas out there,
> > but not all of them are good ideas. But that might not be obvious at
> > once, but only if you did it wrong yourself first. Sometimes less can be
> > more.
> This is very good advice.  Evaluating any attribute of a wiki engine
> must be done in the context of the wiki process.  Write.  Post.  Read.
> Edit.
> "In the doing is found the true meaning of the wiki nature."
>       -- http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/WikiNature
> Good luck,
> Greg
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