[Moin-user] A Wiki Thesis

lala lalala hugobendelin at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 23 16:06:00 EST 2006

I want to thank everyone for contributing with their answers here. Very 
generous of you. But we still have problems with the subject. To clarify, 
this it is me and my friend first thesis(c-thesis in swedish, 10 weeks of 
work and about 30 pages). Anyway we have thougt of four things that could be 
interesting to write about.

First it is the wikiengine comparison, right. But what is there to compare? 
We could do a product specification, like the wikimatrix mentioned, but that 
is not really interesting in this case and already done. Then what in the 
engines are of interest to compare and how do they work sounds more like it? 
But then, are the engines really all that fundamentaly different.? I Know 
that mabye some old ones may be. But the bigger popular ones like mediawiki, 
moinmoin, usemod... are there big differences i the way they work?

Another thought is to in some way test their usability by the wiki-users.

Then we thought of testing a wiki-site for a small company to se if it would 
be a good way for them to easily manage their own web site.

We also thought of comparing the different technique of how to handle 
simulatious editing of a wiki dokument.

We are most thankfull for any thoughts, comments or ideas that could help 
ous finding a good wiki related subject. We now have a wikiapp up and 
running, its on http://moinmoin.moo.com:88, for anyone interested in sharing 

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