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Ron Miller ron-miller at comcast.net
Wed Mar 29 17:29:06 EST 2006

I've been using MoinMoin 1.1 for a website for several years
http://www.thetranscriptproject.org/ttpwiki/TheTranscriptProject for a
project I'm working on.  It's now getting hit with spam - added pages, etc.
I'm also using Webmin to administer the site.  The site doesn't get much
traffic (except for the spam).  I want to upgrade to 1.5.3 and have done the
initial set up.  I'm not a programmer so I'm wading through the docs as best
I can. I have several issues that I need help with.  
First, is there an easy migration to 1.5.3?  If yes, how?  Please don't
recommend reading the docs, I've done that and I get lost.  If not, how can
I keep the pages I already have?  I have an (ugly) test site with 1.5.3
running but I want to have all my pages as part of the new site. 
Is there some (easy) way to understand style sheets?  I have a basic set up
and I would like to mimic the style of wikipedia.   Thanks in advance for
any assistance.  
 I went to the Missing Persons Bureau. No one was there. 
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