[Moin-user] Post 1.5.3 new style migration

Mark Volkert mark.volkert at rakekniven.de
Fri Mar 31 08:03:10 EST 2006

I just downloaded 1.5.3rc1 and read README.migration

I ran all migration scripts and my wiki is working.

But I couldn't understand the new "Post 1.5.3 new style migration"
Can you give a little more information for the command:
sudo -u www-data moin --config-dir=/path/to/config_dir 
--wiki-url=wiki.example.org/ migration data

1. Do I have to make a sudo entry? think so.
2. What do you mean with wiki-url? My testwiki is reachable on 
"". But it doesn't work.
3. Is migration a cmd line option?
4. Is migration a cmd line option or the path to my data dir?

I am using MoinMoin now for 2 years and my simple apache install works. But I 
agree with many people on the list in the last 3 month if they complain about 
upgrading docs. The docs for upgrading is not detailed enough.

Best regards,

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