[Moin-user] HTTP authentication with lighttpd + fastcgi

Stefan Walter sw at gegenunendlich.de
Mon May 1 08:48:02 EDT 2006


has anyone successfully set up a MoinMoin on lighttpd with FastCGI and
HTTP authentication? My wikiconfig.py contains, as described on [1], the
following two lines:

from MoinMoin.auth import http, moin_cookie


auth = [http, moin_cookie]

HTTP authentication works for the web server, but I am not logged in with
MoinMoin afterwards (a MoinMoin account with the same name does exist).
Instead, I have to login via the UserPreferences page.

Any suggestions what might be missing?


[1]: http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnAuthentication
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