[Moin-user] Linux-wiki on fat32 partition

Sebastian Nordhoff listen at jasyjatere.com
Tue May 2 04:03:05 EDT 2006

I am forced to use sometimes Linux and sometimes Windows on my computer. I  
would like my wiki to be available under both OS, but I encounter some  

I have installed moin on both OS. Windows and Linux wikis are both 1.5.3.  
They both have their own installation, moin.py and wikiconfig.py, but both  
wikiconfig.py´s point to the same data and underlay directories. These  
directories are located on a fat32 partition.

Windows has no problems reading and writing to these files. Linux can  
access the files and open them for editing. Preview is also possible. But  
when it comes to saving the changes, the Linux wiki shows an error page:

[Errno 1] Operation not permitted:  

(Linwiki is a symlink to the Windows-partition)

The changes are actually written to the disk, so that´s fine. I would just  
like to get rid of that error page.
I suspect that the error message refers to some kind of unix-specific  
operation  that Moin tries to call, but which is not possible on fat32.  
Now the question: How can I teach MoinMoin to not perform unix-specific  
options on directories that are located on fat32 partitions?  
Alternatively, how could I teach Moin to ignore [Errno 1]?

Thanks for answering

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