[Moin-user] Traitorous question--how to convert Moin pages to MediaWiki format?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu May 4 01:46:03 EDT 2006

> Because our site is likely to make use of Flash videos, and for a few 
> other reasons,

If you know how the html for a "flash video" should look like, you can 
easily write a macro for that.

I can't suggest for "other reasons". :)

> it looks like we'll be converting from MoinMoin to Media 
> Wiki. Sorry guys, and I feel bad too being a Python fan :-).

If you are a python fan, maybe hacking moin is the way to go. :)

> However, 
> given that this makes the most sense for our situation, are there any 
> good tools to help in the conversion of Moin pages to MediaWiki pages?

I rather know the tools in the other direction (and not even those too 
well as I have never tried them).

You will have to convert the markup. If you find some converter or 
script doing the most often used things, it will be usually enough to 
easily fix the rest manually.

Some stuff might need some more thought (like mechanisms moin has, but 
mediawiki has not).

I think the conversion tools for direction ->mediawiki are known better 
by the mediawiki guys.

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