[Moin-user] links in macros and email notifications?

Glenn Tenney CISSP CISM gt-moin at think.org
Sun May 7 22:38:01 EDT 2006

I'm running MoinMoin behind an Apache proxy.  The external url to the 
wiki is something like www.foo.bar/mywiki which gets proxied through 
to internalmachine:12345

Everything seems to be working, but... when I tried using a macro 
like NewPage it worked, but... the resulting url was to 
internalmachine:12345, which of course wouldn't work --- and, when an 
email notification occurs (due to a subscribe for a page change), 
that email ALSO refers to internalmachine:12345 .

I haven't been able to figure out how to setup my configuration files 
such that these macros will use the external url (e.g. 
www.foo.bar/mywiki) instead of internalmachine:12345 .  I suspect 
it's just a semantics issue and I don't know what to look for in the 
config docs...

Any hints or pointers gladly accepted and appreciated.   Thanks


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