[Moin-user] links in macros and email notifications?

Robert Schumann robert at cantab.net
Mon May 8 05:22:04 EDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-05-07 at 22:37 -0700, Glenn Tenney CISSP CISM wrote:
> I'm running MoinMoin behind an Apache proxy.  The external url to the 
> wiki is something like www.foo.bar/mywiki which gets proxied through 
> to internalmachine:12345
> Everything seems to be working, but... when I tried using a macro 
> like NewPage it worked, but... the resulting url was to 
> internalmachine:12345, which of course wouldn't work --- and, when an 
> email notification occurs (due to a subscribe for a page change), 
> that email ALSO refers to internalmachine:12345 .

This is likely due to the fact that MoinMoin is told by Apache (via
environment variables) what the server name is.  You could either play
with Apache or (I haven't tested this) change the environment variable
in moin.cgi (or whatever script runs your MoinMoin).  If you edit
moin.cgi and insert the lines
   import os
   os.environ['SERVER_NAME'] = 'www.foo.bar/mywiki'
that may fix it.

This is just a guess.  You could also grep the MoinMoin code to find out how it determines the server name (does it determine the server name?).


> I haven't been able to figure out how to setup my configuration files 
> such that these macros will use the external url (e.g. 
> www.foo.bar/mywiki) instead of internalmachine:12345 .  I suspect 
> it's just a semantics issue and I don't know what to look for in the 
> config docs...
> Any hints or pointers gladly accepted and appreciated.   Thanks

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