[Moin-user] Installing MoinMoin as single user

Gabriel Reis gabrielcnr at gmail.com
Thu May 11 07:32:12 EDT 2006


I'm trying to install MoinMoin in a server which I don't have administrator
privilegies (root). So, the alternative I have is to install MoinMoin as a
single user, in my home account. I followed the instructions I'd found in
MoinMoin documention (HelpOnInstalling) and it haven't worked yet. When I
try to access http://mydomain/cgi-bin/moin.cgi I get a 500 Internal Server
Error. Some facts:

1) I'm running on Linux + Apache + Python2.2 + MoinMoin 1.5.3

2) Cgi scripts work! I tested two simple CGIs, one written in bash and the
other written in python. It worked!

3) Some directories:
/home/gabriel/public_html/wiki - My htdocs place
/home/gabriel/public_html/cgi-bin - Where moin.cgi is founded
/home/gabriel/share - MoinMoin shared files directory
/home/gabriel/lib - MoinMoin source code
/home/gabriel/moin/gabrielwiki - My Wiki Instance

That's it. If you need more information I'll try to be more specific. I
would really appreciate if someone who did a single user installation could
help me.

Thanks a lot!


Gabriel de Carvalho Nogueira Reis
E-mail: gabrielcnr at gmail.com
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