[Moin-user] Toplevel wiki with lighttpd

Florian Heinle florian-gmane at planet-tiax.de
Sat May 13 11:30:27 EDT 2006


I've been trying to setup moin at top-level on a domain (i.e.
http://wiki.domain.tld) withouth any /thewiki/ or similiar URL cruft. I
want my URLs to look like http://wiki.domain.tld/FrontPage.

Using lighttpd I got moin working, including css and images. But
whenever I click a link on the FrontPage, I end up at the FrontPage
again with the URL in the address bar changed to
http://wiki.domain.tld/FrontPage. When I click on a link then, it works
as expected - just with /FrontPage/ still as a part of the URL - i.e.
http://wiki.domain.tld/FrontPage/OtherPageName. Yet, it tell me to
"Describe OtherPageName here" - not FrontPage/OtherPageName.

I've been trying around all day but withouth success. I will happily
provide any information necessary.

I use moin 1.5.3 from debian (backport) unter debian sarge with lighttpd
and a farmconfig. Other wikis on the same machine but with /thewiki/
URLs work.

Any ideads on how to solve this? I wanted to use moin as some kind of CMS.



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