[Moin-user] page titles in moin 1.5?

Max Campos lists at bpsw.biz
Tue May 16 05:53:14 EDT 2006

How should your average page be titled in moin 1.5?   As I see it  
there are two options:

(Ex: page name is:  "DirectionsTo/GrandmasHouse)

Option 1: (in-body title)
= Directions to Grandma's House =
... now here's my content ....

Option 2: (no in-body title)
.... here's my content ....

(#1) introduces a third place on the page where the title/page name  
appears & sucks additional unnecessary screen real estate.  It will  
require that we redo all of our current pages to use an additional  
'=' for all of the current headings (i.e. the title will be "=" and  
our existing headings need to be moved from "=" to "==").

(#2) causes printed pages to have no title at all, except in the URL  
(browser willing).

Just trying to figure out how this is supposed to work.  Thanks for  
the help.

- Max
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