[Moin-user] [suggest]can MoinMoin support Chinese content switch like metawiki?

Zoom.Quiet zoom.quiet at gmail.com
Thu May 18 07:55:10 EDT 2006

Ubuntu.org.cn usage MoinMoin managment document for all Chinese people,
but MoinMoin can not like metawiki,support words switch for cn-zh cn-tw
there's plugin can do it?

thanx for all!

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From: 野火兔 <ubuntu.firehare at gmail.com>
Date: May 18, 2006 8:35 PM
Subject: 关于 MoinMoin 的简繁转换功能
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We use MoinMoin as our wiki from Ubuntu Chinese communities, This
powerful wiki brought very great facility for the setting-up of our
knowledge base, but it's insufficent to Chinese user. It is well known
that Chinese user are divided into two kinds of Simplified Chinese
user and Traditional Chinese user, and Chinese that they offer and
require have a lot of differences, such as on fonts, on vocabulary,
and on term. In WikiMedia, Simplified Chinese user or Traditional
Chinese user just write documents with Chinese that they familiar
with, and other Chinese user will read the wiki page with Chinese that
they familiar with, the wiki page is autochangeovered accord with the
document by WikiMedia system. It's pity that there is not the
factionsthe in Moinmoin, but we hope to can use the similar faction in
MoinMoin, It will greatly raise the efficiency of writing documents.

我们来自 Ubuntu 中文社区,并使用 MoinMoin 作为我们的 Wiki。这个强大的 Wik
WikiMedia 中可以做到无论是简体中文用户还是繁体中文用户,只需用他们熟悉的中文编写文档,其他中文用户就可以看到由系统自动转换的符合他们用词习惯的中文页面。遗憾的是在
MoinMoin 中却没有这个功能,我们希望能在 MoinMoin 中看到类似功能,这样的话可以极大地提高社区文档编写的效率。

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