[Moin-user] [suggest]can MoinMoin support Chinese content switch like metawiki?

Zoom.Quiet zoom.quiet at gmail.com
Thu May 18 09:02:00 EDT 2006

On 5/20/06, Thomas Waldmann <tw-public at gmx.de> wrote:
> > Ubuntu.org.cn usage MoinMoin managment document for all Chinese people,
> > but MoinMoin can not like metawiki,support words switch for cn-zh cn-tw
> > there's plugin can do it?
> If you explain what exactly is missing (explain it for a non-chinese :),
> we maybe can help.
> > that Chinese user are divided into two kinds of Simplified Chinese
> > user and Traditional Chinese user, and Chinese that they offer and
> > require have a lot of differences, such as on fonts, on vocabulary,
> > and on term.
> OK, this is understood. We have to treat it like 2 languages.
> > In WikiMedia, Simplified Chinese user or Traditional
> > Chinese user just write documents with Chinese that they familiar
> > with, and other Chinese user will read the wiki page with Chinese that
> > they familiar with, the wiki page is autochangeovered accord with the
> > document by WikiMedia system.
> How is this "autochangeover" done? Automatic translation?
> What triggers that "autochangeover"?
such as the wiki::
the mediawiki system http://www.mediawiki.org/ support 4 type chinese
words switchover!!
just by click diff. link, the page content can auto transform !
in the example::
the last letter like "zh-cn" means encode , not language;
just beause historic reason, the chinese in computer there is some
diff. encode of Chinese word;
such as :"store" can write: 库(ch-zh); 庫(ch-tw)
chinese is not one "spelt language", just one kind of "image language"!
each Chinese letter is resource from one esp. picture,
like diff. style draw can means same mind;
the chinese word in diff. encode is not same word, but same means;
so just usage some software, can auto switchover page into diff.
encode for diff. area china people to reading....

that is the means of "auto change over"

so so ! we love Python, do not want usage DB;
so MoinMoin as great wiki engine, the mediawiki can ,why not MoinMon can do it?

thanx for all!

> For the languages I know (german and english), wikipedia (mediawiki)
> does NOT auto-translate, they just offer navigation that links you to
> the other-language wiki and the equivalent page there. This is done
> manually by putting those links on that page and by running 1 wiki per
> language (and translating all stuff manually / writing own stuff manually).
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