[Moin-user] conditional output

Nino Novak nino at kflog.org
Thu May 18 15:10:19 EDT 2006

Dear moinmoiners,

do you see a possibility to pass a condition to a page call so that the 
output of a page is altered depending on some passed variable?

I have several pages in a wiki, which form some kind of logical cluster. 
Now I have a container page which should display 
a- the structure of the cluster (some kind of manually edited TOC with 
comments) and
b- the content of the cluster, i.e. all cluster members should be 
depending on how it is called.

My thoughts went into the direction of some steering variable passed to 
MoinMoin so that 
1- a call to mywiki/Cluster would return the page Cluster which contains 
a page with a TOC and clickable links to all cluster members
2- a call to mywiki/Cluster?content=show returns the same page, but all 
links are converted into include macros

Maybe an example will shed some additional light on the problem:

The cluster is formed by NicePage, UglyPage and YellowPage
In Cluster I have some kind of "condition macro":


which includes the content of NicePage if the value of $content is 
"show", and returns just a (clickable) link to NicePage in any other 

Looking forward to a hint how to make this work,


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