[Moin-user] [suggest]can MoinMoin support Chinese content switch like metawiki?

Rux Li rux.li3 at gmail.com
Wed May 24 23:36:01 EDT 2006

> Looks like there is some mapping table needed to translate those 4
> symbol sets into each other.

It can be as simple as one-to-one tranlation between symbol sets. Zoom's
example, "store" <-> ¿â(zh-cn) <-> Žì(zh-tw), is a simple character
translation. There is a one-to-one (not really) mapping betwenn zh-cn and
zh-tw. So it is easy to implement.

Another level is word (or phrase) translation. For example, "software" <->
Èí¼þ(zh-cn) <-> Ü›ów(zh-tw). Where Èí<->Ü› could be done by character translation,
but ¼þ<->ów couldn't. So you have to do word translation before character

As I know,  MediaWiki is capable of doing word and character translation.
However, sophisticated system should do more, such as context analyzing. But
it is another story.

Because no chinese jumped on implementing it. :) And western people
> generally have no plan about such stuff.

I wish I could jump on implementing it. But I have no skill about Python and
my full-time job makes me very busy recently :p
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