[Moin-user] MoinMoin using time.gmtime() not time.localtime() ?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu May 25 02:31:06 EDT 2006

> My MoinMoin wiki is out by 10hrs, which is exactly GMT timezone 
> difference: +10:00.
> I am unsure if this is a system issue, or MoinMoin issue.
This is not an issue at all. :)

What you maybe have overlooked is that you can set a time difference to 
UTC in your UserPreferences.

Moin has no other way to know where on this planet you are located when 
looking at some wiki page.

If you tell it by UserPreferences, it will recalculate the UTC 
timestamps using the time offset you gave.

The concept behing that is that timestamps denote "points in time" (or 
in other words "some specific moment").

E.g. if you put some @SIG@ on a page, that will be stored as 

If someone looks at that page 5 minutes later, he will see "oh, that was 
5 minutes before" (comparing to his localtime) no matter where he is 
located on this planet (assuming that he has set his time offset on 
UserPreferences correctly).

Does this solve your issue?

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