[Moin-user] MoinMoin using time.gmtime() not time.localtime() ?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri May 26 01:38:13 EDT 2006

> Perhaps somewhat unrelated, but what is the point of a 'tz_offset'
> configuration variable? Is one supposed to change it from +1 to +2
> and back to +1 (here in Europe) twice a year for every daylight
> saving time change?

This is used as default for the UserPreferences variable I mentioned.

Maybe nice if you have lots of anon users in a local intranet (so you 
can tell in what tz_offset they are).

That setting doesn't help you if you run a global wiki on the internet.
>  This information (time offset) is readily available
> from the system and takes into account DST changes as well, so what
> is the point of having this configuration variable and how is it
> supposed to be used?
It is just a hack for local intranets with lazy users. As it is only 2 
lines of code, it needs a non-lazy admin though to do the DST/nonDST 
switch twice a year. :)

Of course that code could be improved to check the system locale (but it 
would need that locale configured correctly in that case).

Just having users create a profile and set their personal offset is 
currently the best method.

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