[Moin-user] Convert html bug for cell width?

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Tue May 30 10:01:09 EDT 2006


I noticed some odd effects converting tables in 1.5.3 cf 1.5.2.
Specifically, with the following html:

    <td width="21%">
    Cell example

and 1.5.3, I get this for converted output:

||<2 1 %>    Cell example     ||

which gives an error on display of: Expected "%" after "2", got "1"

I wonder if line 958 in MoinMoin/converter/text_html_text_x_moin.py should be:

result.insert(0, "%s" % align)

instead of the current:

result[0:0] = "%s" % align

Thanks a lot,


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