[Moin-user] Can't find where bug fix is

Schwols, Keith C keith.c.schwols at intel.com
Wed May 31 14:38:03 EDT 2006

I get a GUI Editor error when trying to operate on the following text

== Important Details ==

Name: tuklib
Purpose: Tukwila cell library scripts, and waiver files
Repository: http:
Email PDL: 
Methodology: Uses default trunk, branches and tags
Primary Contact: Jon Krause
Repository Created: 5/15/2006

The indented blockquote seems to be the problem.  (If I add a '.' to
indicate a unbulleted list in front of the {{{ then everything works)

I tried this with the MoinMoin site and the GUI editor works just fine.
I'm using the 1.5.3 release, so I'm assuming that this has been fixed,
but I can't seem to find any bug report searches that I do.  (I figured
out the leading '.' fix because on the MoinMoin master switch from text
to GUI and back produces the leading '.')


The error I get is 'ConvertError'
Illegal list element pre

n.py in process_list
(self=<MoinMoin.converter.text_html_text_x_moin.convert_tree object>,
node=<DOM Element: ul>)
         1. 626 self.process_dl(i)
         2. 627 else:
         3. 628 raise ConvertError("Illegal list element %s" %
         4. 629 self.depth -= 1
         5. 630 if self.depth == 0:
          * global ConvertError = <class
          * i = <DOM Element: pre>
          * i.localName = u'pre'


Illegal list element pre

    * exceptions = <bound method ConvertError.exceptions of
<MoinMo...ter.text_html_text_x_moin.ConvertError instance>>
    * innerException = (None, None, None)
    * message = u'Illegal list element pre'
    * name = 'MoinMoin Convert Error'

If a cute saying or a pretty poster is all it takes to motivate you, you
probably have a very easy job.  The kind that robots will be doing soon.

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