[Moin-user] Table header row with <=>

Salih ML salih.ml at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 18:15:15 EST 2006


With my previous version of MoinMoin server, I was able to use "<=>"
at the top row of a table to identify it as a header. E.g.

||<=> Name || Last Name || Age ||
||        John ||        Brown ||   23 ||

The top row was displayed with bold text and gray background. However
after upgrading MoinMoin to a newer relaase this no longer works for
me. It simply complains: Expected "=" to follow "="

I don't remember what I installed to make this type of marking work in
the first place. :( Does anybody know how to fix it? Namely, how can I
use "<=>" at the top row again?


-- salih

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