[Moin-user] wiki URL

Thomas Heller theller at ctypes.org
Thu Nov 9 05:59:20 EST 2006

Marx, Stefan ext. MA Fa. Lynx schrieb:
>> Thomas Heller schrieb:
>> > Now I've tried RewriteRule:
>> > 
>> > RewriteEngine On
>> > RewriteRule ^mywiki(.*)$ mywiki.cgi$1
>> > 
>> > This mostly works (http://.../mywiki or http://.../mywiki/Frontpage),
>> but the hyperlinks that the wiki
>> > itself generates still point to "http://.../mywiki.cgi/Frontpage" which
>> I find not so nice.
>> > Of course the urls are only rewritten in one direction...
>> I've finally found it.  Rewriting in the opposite direction is actually
>> easy in the mywiki.cgi script with
>> this code inserted near the top:
>> import os
>> for name, value in os.environ.iteritems():
>>     os.environ[name] = os.environ.replace("mywiki.cgi", "mywiki", 1)
>> Thomas
> 	[Marx, Stefan ext. MA Fa. Lynx]  
> 	Quite a hack, I think. Didn't work the Alias in the httpd.conf as
> Uwe stated ;=)?

I don't have permission to edit httpd.conf (and didn't want to ask the admin for it).
Of course it's a hack... it could probably be improved that only relevant entries would
be replaced, but I was too lazy for that wight now.


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