[Moin-user] XML-RPC authentication

nuno baldaia nuno at tomatique.com
Fri Nov 10 05:01:26 EST 2006


I'm looking for a way to authenticate MoinMoin users using XML-RPC.

I'm developing an external editor (Eclipse plugin) for the MoinMoin  
wiki using the Wiki RPC Inteface 2 and I need a remote authentication  

I've tried the WhoAmI script and macro to test the remote  
authentication and It worked fine with http authentication but I do  
not want to use http authentication. I'd rather like to use the  
MoinMoin default user authentication/registration behaviour to avoid  
extra server configurations.

Is there any way to use the cookie based authentication, letting  
users register itself using the UserPreferences, and then allow  
remote authentication of that user?


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