[Moin-user] importing HTML into Moin

solo turn soloturn at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 16:38:06 EST 2006

how das copy-paste into the gui edit work?


On 11/3/06, Matthew Brett <matthew.brett at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 10/31/06, Jim Popovitch <jimpop at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I've got 100+ HTML files from an old site that I would like to
> > convert/merge/import into an existing Moin site.  I don't want to import
> > the whole old site into Moin, just a subset of the old site into a new
> > page on the Moin site.  Any good ideas or tips on how to do this?
> I recently did something similar to generate this site:
> http://imaging.mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk/imaging
> Do do this I wrote some conversion code using the moin html conversion
> code as a basis.  It involved some hacking to get the full site
> converted in a sensible way - the basic code I used is here:
> http://imaging.mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk/svn/html2moin/html2moin/trunk/
> It has features like converting page to page links to use the new Wiki
> Page names.
> I haven't documented it very much, but if you think something like
> that would help you I am happy to advise, and will try and clean up
> the code to make it clearer how to use it,
> Best,
> Matthew
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