[Moin-user] Sharing user authentication between wikis

Schwols, Keith C keith.c.schwols at intel.com
Mon Nov 20 09:39:52 EST 2006

A couple of ways you could share a *Group page across a wiki farm.  As
the admin of the wiki, you could move the Group page to exist in the
underlay directory.  Similar to the help pages, the page would be
available on all the wikis in the farm.

The http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/FeatureRequests/OverlayPagesForFarms
Overlay concept that Erick Martin put up on does this by allowing one
(or more than one) wiki to be shared in a similar manner.

For instance, you could make a wiki in your farm contain the Group
pages, User home pages and other very common data.  Then using the
overlay, this wiki would appear as if it were common to all the other
wikis in the farm.  It's pretty slick.  I've been using for about 3
weeks now on my corporate wiki.  I've set the farmconfig options, so
that all user's homepages are refered to the BaseWiki, I've linked the
user/ directory, so that the user data is shared between the wiki farm


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>Sorry if I have missed this, but I am trying to find a way of sharing
>user authentication between wikis on a wiki farm, here:
>I am already sharing the user database between wikis, but I wanted to
>work out a nice automated way of taking all the users included on a
>group page for one wiki:
>and using this set of users as authorized users on the other wikis on
>the wiki farm.
>Is there any easy way to do this?  Can anyone point me in a good
>direction to start writing an appropriate macro if that is the only
>way to do it?
>Thanks a lot,
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