[Moin-user] LDAP logging not working...

Kevin Riggins riggins.kevin at principal.com
Wed Nov 29 11:08:41 EST 2006

I have the following:

Redhat Linux ES4
MoinMoin 1.5.6
Apache 2.0.52
Python 2.3.4
mod_python 3.1.3

I am unable to get logging to work.  I have the ldap authentication setup
configured to log verbose, but nothing is getting written to the apache logs.

I searched on the MoinMoin site and found where someone had written patch that
is supposed to rectify this, but I am unable to determine how to install the 

The name of the patch bundle is apache2modpy3logging. The file command shows the
file as being data.

Any help with either, how to get logging to work or how to install the bundle
would be much appreciated.


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