[Moin-user] Spell Check

Terry Corbet tcorbet at ix.netcom.com
Sun Oct 1 00:08:55 EDT 2006

I have read the documentation concerning Spell Checking.
In my configuration -- Windows XP, Version 1.5.5 -- the
directories where dictionaries might be found seem to
exist properly, but there are no contents.

I guess I am responsible for replacing 'dummy_dict'
with a valid list of English words.

01.  Where might I find a list in a format that is appropriate?
The link on the MoinMoin page on this topic is invalid.
I see some interesting German words in a recent posting,
but, sorry, I don't read German -- it is fun to let Firefox try
its hand at translation, but it doesn't get my English-speaking
user's the help they desperately need.

02.  I have a SuSE Linux set up, so I googled spell checking
in that environment and I have some impressive files, but
they are in some format required by ispell -- will they work?
Is there a utility to extract something into a format that will work?

Thank you.
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