[Moin-user] Revs. Missing from RecentChanges

Max Campos lists at bpsw.biz
Fri Oct 6 00:29:00 EDT 2006

[re: MoinMoinBugs/RecentChangesIsBroken]

> This stuff works as intended (this is a feature!).
> You didn't miss any new content (at least not if you are using  
> bookmarks
> - they exactly show what has changed since your bookmark).

Hi Thomas,

Yeah, I noticed that the diff links were not quite right the other  
day.  I'll fix the patch.

I agree with the user(s) on (MoinMoinBugs/RecentChangesIsBroken),  
that this "time saving feature" causes more frustration & confusion  
than help.  [[RecentChanges]] doesn't actually show all recent  
changes.  It subtly drops revisions when the user doesn't expect, all  
based on the arbitrary time between the most recent revisions.

I suspect that most folks out there implicitly believe RC works the  
way the patch makes it work*; that is *all* modifications are  
reflected on the page up to the bookmark -- not just the latest  
modified day's worth**.

I'm am obviously pulling to see the default macro changed, what does  
everyone else think?  For those not familiar with this very subtle  
issue - see the thread on MoinMoinBugs/RecentChangesIsBroken.

- Max

* Well, assuming I fix the diff problem.
** The fact that this cannot be explained easily is a testament to  
how confusing this really is.

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