[Moin-user] [Moin-User] notification email problem after upgrade

Glenn Tenney CISSP CISM gt-moin at think.org
Fri Oct 6 11:21:04 EDT 2006

On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 11:28:59AM +0200, Thomas Waldmann wrote:
> The "problem" is that moin is fully unicode internally and only utf-8 
> can be used to encode all unicode chars (and thus, moin uses either 
> unicode or utf-8 all over the place).

I understand that moin needs to be fully unicode international,

it's my belief that whenever possible all emails generated by moin
itself should, unless the content itself includes unicode characters,
be straight plain ascii.

i.e. The subject line of the message is the "problem" when moin is
sending out notifications of changes to pages.  There's no need
for moin to be including non-ascii characters in that subject line.
(btw, I didn't know that "[" and "]" were unicode... they ARE 
plain ascii)

I think it would be better to change the text of the subject line
to just be plain ascii for such auto-generated messages from moin.

Glenn Tenney

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