[Moin-user] PageComment2 - [Was: [Re: Change bars / formatting for email threads?]]

LUK ShunTim shuntim.luk at polyu.edu.hk
Wed Oct 11 02:35:14 EDT 2006

Rick Vanderveer wrote:
> I implemented 'PageComment2' (running moinmoin 1.5.5a) and people  
> here love it.  Not sure if this is exactly what you're describing,  
> but it's very similar to a typical web forum.
> http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MacroMarket/PageComment2
> -Rick

Hello Rick,

I've been looking at it as well. Does it accept LaTeX input inside the
comment form? I once tried it (quite a long time ago) but it didn't seem to.


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