[Moin-user] importing an old wiki

Sébastien BARTHÉLEMY sebastien.barthelemy at crans.org
Wed Oct 11 16:37:00 EDT 2006

Hello list,

I'd like to get back the content of a old moinmoin wiki on a new
ubuntu dapper-based computer. (I can loose the history)

Current version of moinmoin on dapper is 1.5, with python2.4:

I still have the content (data, underlay...) of the old wiki but I
don't know which moinmoin version it was and what conversions I need
to do. It was a debian etch computer, I think that it was 1.2 or 1.3
with python2.3.

Is there some way to find out the version of the wiki from data ?

thanks a lot for any hint

best regards


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