[Moin-user] Change bars / formatting for email threads?

Rick Vanderveer rvanderveer at cognitivearts.com
Thu Oct 12 17:22:33 EDT 2006

I agree that nestable block quotes would be pretty slick (much like
slashdot.org forums).   For now, we just create a new page for each new
topic.  But that may be awkward for your application.  I made it easy by
making the discussion page a template (DiscussionPageTemplate), like so:
= Let's Talk! =
 . (!) Did you know you can get notified by email whenever someone adds a
new comment? Simply click the 'subscribe' link above!
Discussion for '''General Content'''
''There are [[PageComment(countonly=1)]] comments so far.''



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Hi Rick.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll try out PageComment2, and I like
it, though it's not what I'm looking for, in that it doesn't allow comments
on comments.

TiddlyWiki has nestable block quotes, which is more like what I'm thinking
of.  In MoinMoin wikis, I've seen how people simply use increasing nesting
for each level of reply, which is the opposite of the email convention.
Maybe that's good enough for now. 

  - Conal

On 10/10/06, Rick Vanderveer <  <mailto:rvanderveer at cognitivearts.com>
rvanderveer at cognitivearts.com> wrote: 

I implemented 'PageComment2' (running moinmoin 1.5.5a) and people
here love it.  Not sure if this is exactly what you're describing,
but it's very similar to a typical web forum.



On Oct 11, 2006, at 12:31 AM, Conal Elliott wrote:

> I'd like to display some conversations wiki pages, and I'm
> wondering what the options are.  One model is progressive
> indentation as in point-by-point responses in email threads, marked 
> off by vertical bars (or ">" in ascii) on the left, repeated to
> indicate how many messages ago an excerpt is from.  Does anyone
> have magic for an effect like this in MoinMoin?
> On the other hand, the email thread model is maybe not such a great
> one.  Comments are common in wikis, aren't they?  And what about
> responses-to-comments, etc?  Are there some ways to render and/or 
> structure such conversations?  Maybe some kind of branching (non-
> linear) structure of content.  Beyond wikis?
> Ideas?   Pointers?
> Thanks,  - Conal
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