[Moin-user] Moin HelpOnInstalling changes

Rick Vanderveer rvanderveer at cognitivearts.com
Wed Oct 25 23:59:58 EDT 2006

I appreciate your concerns! (Thomas commented similarly on my page  
Changes). Let me try to address them (at least from my thinking), and  
then figure out how we can satisfy both our concerns:

> Understanding fundamentals; guides not necessarily the answer

I understand the concern about the importance of understanding what  
is going on.  I agree, of course!  My rational is that the guides  
should explain what is happening along the way. If you take my  
ApacheOnWin32, for example, I have it broken down to two major  
sections (Installation and Configuration), and then sub-sections  
(Installing Apache, Installing Python, Installing Moin, etc).  Each  
step should explain what it's doing (and if it doesn't, then it  
should be clarified).

For comparison, I read through the 'BasicInstallation' and it is  
extremely confusing for non-unix platforms (including from a Mac- 
perspective, even though Mac is based on unix).  For example, the  
instructions for installing Python have no relevance on how to  
install Python for Mac or Windows, and would be totally baffling for  
those users.  If a competent Windows and Mac administrator had only  
those instructions to work from, I suspect they would have moved on  
to looking at other wiki's.

Each platform/installation scenario should each contain the "basic  
installation" principles.  But it needs concrete examples of how to  
actually get a wiki working, not a concept of how it works.

> I also think we are missing suggestion what to choose best. I am  
> still unsure
> what is best when it comes to performance.

It sounds like here what you're asking is for raw performance  
numbers. While interesting, I'm not sure that should be the deciding  
factor for many people.  The HelpOnInstalling page already lists the  
sections from "easiest to install, but slowest" to "fastest, but  
trickier".  Above that, it's really up to the admin to match his  
needs.  For example, a Windows admin is not going to install the  
Linux version even if Linux proves to be faster (which it probably  
is).  Or, an admin isn't going to pick StandaloneServer if he can't  
get LDAP authentication working (for example).

> Maybe we could have a QuickStart page that puts everything  
> important on
> one page (very condensed) but does not go into any details?

This is probably a good idea.  I started a draft on my page. Anyone,  
please feel free to edit and add suggestions!


Let me know your thoughts...


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