[Moin-user] Dump content of single instance of MoinMoin

Peter Gylling Jørgensen Peg at frv.dk
Mon Sep 4 08:30:59 EDT 2006

Dear all,

How do I as simple as possible export or dump the content of a MoinMoin instance to static html. 

I have searched the user mail list archives and found some more og less usefull hints, but common for all is references to differnt tool, which I haven't access to (ie. moin_dump.py)

We are running version 1.5.3.

Peter Gylling Jørgensen
Modelling group, section of Oceanography
Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography 
Overgaden o. Vandet 62B DK-1023 København K 
Phone: +45 32 68 96 85
Email: peg at frv.dk
www: http://www.frv.dk/ 

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