[Moin-user] ERROR: util.lock: ExclusiveLock:

Wolfgang Burr wolfgang.burr at web.de
Thu Sep 7 16:04:34 EDT 2006

following the saying "don't change a running system" gave me pleasant two
years with moinmoin 1.2.2. But then I couldn't stand from trying the gui
editor. That led to making my magister in moinology by choosing the
migration theme. Well, now I know it works, but I'm afraid, I failed because
I still don't know, why it works - but it does - with one minor problem, I
could not solve yet. Test output of moin.cgi?action=test shows 12 errors, 10
concerning util.lock like this one:

OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:

Moin created this directory and it is accessible. Moin seems to work without
problems, but the number of directories in the temp folder is inreasing. Any
suggestions? (moin 1.5.4, python 2.4.3, wxp-sp2, iis 5.1, same problem with 
w2kserver and python 2.3.4 see also attachment)
Wolfgang Burr
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