[Moin-user] avoiding inline uppercase for links

Nir Soffer nirs at freeshell.org
Tue Sep 12 19:46:41 EDT 2006

On Sep 7, 2006, at 11:56 AM, Sebastian Nordhoff wrote:

> Hi moin-users,
> is there a simple global option to ignore case when linking to a  
> page? I
> have a page that is called Verbs, but I would want both ["Verbs"] and
> ["verbs"] to point to that page. I know that I can use [:Verbs:  
> verbs],
> but I am looking for a global option so that I can avoid the colon
> notation.

It used to work as you described until 1.3.something on Mac OS X and  
Windows. I fixed it for Mac OS X. If you happen to use it, the fix  
can be removed easily :-)

If you are lucky, you can get this behavior by lowercasing all names  
when they enter MoinMoin. In 1.3 there was a request method named  
normalizePagename - you may try to use name = name.lower() in that  

Best Regards,

Nir Soffer

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